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Off Flavor Sensory Panel Tasting

Have you made a bad batch of beer before?

Ever had to dump a batch because it tasted worse than swill? 

Wonder what the heck went wrong?

This is a great opportunity to learn just that. Join us for a sensory analysis experience of 6 of the most common off flavors which occur in beer brewing. We will discuss causes and possible solutions to prevent these off flavors from occurring.  

The flavor standards we will be using come from the Siebel Institute, the US's premier brewing school in Chicago, IL. They include the following 6 essential off flavors every brewer should know:

  1. Contamination / Infection
  2. DMS (aka dimethyl sulfide)
  3. Diacetyl (that nasty buttery taste)
  4. Isovaleric acid (think cheesy, old hops, or sweaty socks)
  5. Papery (aka oxidation)
  6. Hydrogen sulfide (rotten eggs, ew!)

Interested in attending or have questions about what it's all about?  Shoot us a message.

Note: This is a member event, which means you need to be a dues paying member to attend. 


To  make sure we have enough beer to go around, if you are attending, please RSVP using the form below. Cheers!

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