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Why have Paid Membership?

Dues will be used to support educational and interactive learning opportunities like style tastings and club-organized group brew days, as well as covering general operating costs for the organization.  Those club costs include, but are not limited to: liability insurance, accounting fees, and promotional / marketing materials for events like "Big Brew Day" and "Learn How to Homebrew Day."  For $30/yr*, you get quite a lot in return.

NOTE:  If you do not want to be a Paying Member, you are still more than welcome to attend our monthly meetings around the Gallatin Valley!  Check them out here:  Events

membership privileges include:**

  • Prizes for club brew challenges

  • Organizing an official club homebrew competition

  • Beer style group brew days (ingredient costs covered by club, all paid members would have the option of obtaining a growler fill / 6-pack of beer brewed at event when ready)

  • Beer style tastings following brew days

  • Club-purchased bottles of standards of beer styles for tasting events

  • Educational events covering specific brewing methods or DIY projects

  • Annual off-flavor sensory analysis tasting

  • Club-purchased ingredients for brewing for events like "Big Brew Day" or "Learn How to Homebrew Day"

  • Cost of group camp site for annual club campout

Additional notes on Paid membership: 

  • "Non-homebrewing" spouses or significant others of paid members are NOT required to pay dues to attend "member-only" events.

  • Only paying members may vote on club issues or for club officers.


*Dues will be prorated throughout the year. For example if someone wishes to become a paying member in June, dues for the remainder of the year would be $15.

**Some membership privileges and perks are dependent on the number of paying members.