Bridger Brew Crew

The Gallatin Valley's Homebrew Club

Learning how to brew can be hard.

...but it doesn't have to be.


While you can learn a lot at club meetings, it always helps to have some tools at home too.  Here are some links to resources that have helped some of our club's best brewers through the years.


Brewzor Calculator App (Android)

This Android app is a favorite of Brandt's.


Hop Aroma Wheel

Know thine hops.



BeerSmith Software

Amazing software - does cost a little $ though.


The Complete Joy of Home Brewing

We love this book, and most of us own at least one edition of it.  Charlie Papazian's seminal work on all things homebrewing is a must for any brewer's bookshelf - beginner or veteran.  Available from many bookstores and Amazon.


Growler FIlls

Blog by Montana beer blogger, Alan McCormick, that is a good way to keep up on MT craft beer news.


Montana Beer Finder

Blog written by Montana beer blogger and author, Ryan Newhouse.  Has the most extensive online directory of Montana craft breweries we know of.